Who Should Attend
General dentists, specialists, technicians, staff Members, as such as nurses, assistants, PR & marketing and treatment coordinators.


The DSD Revolution

• DSD Concept Goals
• The Challenges of Modern Interdisciplinary Esthetic Dentistry
• TheVirtual Treatment Concept and The Interdisciplinary Software Platform
• Digital Function-Esthetics Integration
• Emotional Dentistry. Creating the WOW effect
• Advantages of Digital Dentistry
• The DSD Planning Center concept. In-house x outsourcing
• DSD & Invisalign Collaboration. Facially driven and Interdisciplinary integrated Orthodontics.
• DSD Natural Restorations. CAD/CAM for Beautiful anteriors
• The Smile Donator & Smile Menu
• OroFacial Analysis & Smile Design
• Intra Oral Scanners Strategy
• Marketing and Management principles for competitive edge
• The unique client journey
• Patient 3D Digitalization
• Cloud Dentistry
• Digital team communication
• Guided Dentistry
• Digital Quality Control
• Differentiation with DSD storylines
• Efficiency through digital
• 2D and 3D DSDapp workflow
• The 8 pillars of DSD Implementation. The DSD Clinic


• Fast and simple Smile Simulation for patient communication
• Complete DSD protocol and the 4 view of the Smile Frame. Lab communication and interdisciplinary treatment planning
• 3D Smile Design using the Digital Smile Donator Menu and STL export straight to printing machines and CAD/CAM software

Live Patient DEMO

• DSD Photo/Video Protocol with Smartphone
• 3D Smile Design & Smile Donator
• Simplified DSD photo/video protocol with smartphone using the DSDapp
• Motivational Mock-up Strategy
• Emotional Smile Design Presentation
• 2D smile simulation
• 3D Smile design and Smile Donator with DSDapp
• Motivational Smile Test Drive and the DSD Shell mock up.
• Building an easy and fast emotional patient presentation using the DSDapp.